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Connora Technologies and Aditya Birla Chemicals’ Epoxy Division today announced a Joint Development Agreement to scale-up the manufacturing of Connora’s recyclable epoxy thermoset technology called Recyclamine® and the two companies are now developing metric-ton scale manufacturing processes for this technology.   Read the press release here....

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Connora Technologies along with partners Ecovative Design (USA), Enjoy Handplanes (USA) were awarded the 2015 JEC Asia Innovation Award in the Recycling category. Join us during the 8th annual JEC Asia - Composites Show and Conferences (October 20-22, 2015) for the awards presentation. Excerpt from the official JEC...

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Rey Banatao, pills CEO of Connora Technologies goes Inside the Founder’s Studio with CTC to discuss the emerging recyclable thermoset industry, patient getting products on the market, buy and reflecting on ways he’d recommend entrepreneurs bet bigger from the start. Listen here....

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