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Connora Technologies | Materials Re-Imagined
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Does Costco Sell Propecia, Ordering Zithromax Online

The Pioneer of Recyclable Thermosets

Enabling Recyclable products and zero-landfill manufacturing via Recyclamine™ Thermoset Technology.

Make Recyclable Composites Products

Eliminate thermoset waste and land-fill cost

Re-incorporate waste back into the product eco-system

Buy Flagyl Metronidazole


Advanced Dielectrics for the Next Generations of HDI and Mobile Devices

Thinner, Greener, Better, Laminates for High Density Interconnects

Thinner - 0.5 & 1 Mil PCB dielectrics

Lower Dielectric Constant—Allows for wider trace widths

Greener - No solvents used in process

Better Product Quality and Performance achieved through thinner substrate/better laser drilling

More Reliable - 1/2 the expansion rate of epoxy prepreg

Cost enabling - advanced performance at epoxy prepreg pricing

Fincar Legit Online

Our patented Recyclamine® technology enables the next generation of performance composites, adhesives, and coatings to be Reversible, Removable and Recyclable for the first time. Recyclamine® enables closed-loop manufacturing and recapturing the value of composite waste, currently untapped by most manufacturers today.