• New Technology

    Connora has re-engineered the industry standard composite plastic and made it recyclable. Introducing Recyclamine®

  • 'ECO' momics

    Recyclable Composites - the market advantage you want, and the sustainability we all need.

  • Value Added

    Meet tomorrow’s legislative, economic and consumer demands today with Reclycalmine®.

  • Sustainability

    A comprehensive solution to the increasingly complex problem of composite waste management.

Smarter Plastics by Design

Connora Technologies is reprogramming molecules to make smart plastics a reality. We are able to couple innovative molecular design with industrial R&D to create economical and scalable chemical platforms. These platforms enable us to harness our proprietary technology to produce families of new products for high volume polymer applications. Connora has used this platform to produce our first product line, the world’s first recyclable thermoset resin system for fiber-reinforced composites. Connora’s revolutionary epoxy curing agent, Recyclamine®, enables the fabrication of 100% recyclable epoxy plastic composites. Using a low energy recycling process, the plastic matrix, fibers (e.g., carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar) and other high value materials can be recovered and repurposed, saving energy and resources for manufacturers and the planet. The next generation of plastic composite products can now be designed for recyclability, while maintaining the same performance characteristics of lightweight composites.

Award Winning Technology

Connora Technologies' Recyclamine® epoxy hardener technology won the JEC Americas 2012 Innovation Award in the recycling category

CEO on CATech Council Podcast

Rey Banatao, CEO of Connora Technologies goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to discuss the emerging recyclable thermoset industry, getting products on the market, and reflecting on ways he'd recommend entrepreneurs bet bigger from the start.