• New Technology

    Connora has re-engineered the industry standard composite plastic and made it recyclable. Introducing Recyclamine®

  • "ECO" nomics

    Recyclable Composites - the market advantage you want, and the sustainability we all need.

  • Value Added

    Meet tomorrow’s legislative, economic and consumer demands today with Reclycalmine®.

  • Sustainability

    A comprehensive solution to the increasingly complex problem of composite waste management.

Welcome to Connora Technologies

We are redefining sustainability in the fiber-reinforced plastics industry. Connora’s first technological innovation is the Recyclamine® epoxy hardener series. These revolutionary curing agents are compatible with any epoxy resin and enable the fabrication of 100% recyclable plastic composites. Using a low energy recycling process, both plastic and fibers (e.g., carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar) can be recovered. The next generation of plastic composite products can now be designed sustainably while maintaining the same performance characteristics.

Award Winning Technology

Connora Technologies' Recyclamine® epoxy hardener technology won the JEC Americas 2012 Innovation Award in the recycling category

Press Coverage

The Recyclamine® epoxy hardener technology that makes recyclable epoxy a reality is gaining attention worldwide.